Results and Successes

Since the establishment and start of the Clean Air Committee, Comite’ Schone Lucht (CSL) and its many campaigns against biomass combustion at home and abroad, more than 1450 news items have appeared in the Dutch press and media and beyond, in 25 countries (including Politico Europe, Sweden, England, US, Estonia, Latvia, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Japan etc.). CSL plays an important role by acting as a critical link between politics, science and the energy sector. By not only reacting, but also anticipating current developments and translating the message to society, there has been increasing awareness about the hazardous side of biomass. At present, a vast majority (98%) in society believes that woody biomass combustion should be banned.

We have reached millions of Dutch, European and international viewers and readers. Science related to biomass power generation is finally stepping into the forefront of debate. parliamentary questions were asked, motions were written and adopted in the first and second chambers in domestic and foreign politics and we worked together with our foreign colleagues on practical studies in Estonia and other countries.

Energy policy debate and decisions have centered around economic and political expediency for too long. We have successfully added society and science to these debates.

We have established a growing community of concerned citizens willing to add their time and resources to create a sustainable future. We are grateful for all of your support, efforts and contributions. There is still a long way to go before we can finally breathe Clean Air. Help us by sharing this post, and sharing your ideas and concerns with us.

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