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Clean Air Committee is supported by people, not by governments, corporations or special interests. But we are fighting against the biggest companies you can imagine: multinationals, fossil fuel and energy industry and other big polluters that harm our air, water and environment.

The time to make your voice heard is not tomorrow but now. Join our movement for a clean, and more nature and animal-friendly future! Click here to support us.

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How can you contribute to the Clean Air Committee?

If you ask citizens what their individual influence is on the Climate, most will probably say: no or minimal influence. CSL would like to (continue to) play this pioneering role by giving citizens and young people in particular a voice. This allows the climate agenda to be influenced from below rather than by top-down political-industrial mechanisms. Precisely because Clean Air is difficult to manage and make imaginable in an action perspective, inspiring and mobilizing citizens based on a shared need/sense of urgency is crucial. By not only focusing on the problem, but also on the solutions, you can strengthen the voice of CSL and thus contribute to the realization of its goal: clean air for people, animals and nature.

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